Using Router Templates

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July 22, 2020

I’m a big fan of small scale manufacturing especially when you can use digital fabrication tools to batch out a lot of the same pieces.

However, I’ve recently been getting into the idea of creating MDF templates and using a router with a flush trim bit to cut templates.

I’ve shown a few people how to do this in person but really like the video from 3x3Custom – Tamar.

The idea is simple but great. Instead of cutting one piece out of hardwood and having to perfect that piece by sanding you can make an MDF template and use double sided tape to stick the template to the actual wood you want to cut. You then use a router to cut the hardwood out making it easy to simply pull the template off and stick it back on to another piece of wood.

This makes it easy to batch out as many duplicate pieces as you want and also allows you to use one template to make both the left and right sides of pieces.

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