Is Digital Fabrication the Best Way to Make Anything?

" alt="Is Digital Fabrication the Best Way to Make Anything?">

July 24, 2020

I’m a bit obsessed with the idea of small scale manufacturing recently. I love the idea of taking digital plans from the internet and using digital fabrication tools like CNC machines and 3D printers to make anything that you can imagine.

Yesterday I wrote about the history of this new type of manufacturing but today I’m going to link to a video I’ve watched (way too many times) about the economic viability of small scale manufacturing and how to make products that scale. It’s from one of my favorite YouTube channels, Even and Katelyn.

While Evan and Katelyn focus on digital fabrication to make a lot of items quickly and scalably Ben Uyeda from HomeMadeModern shows off his process for making a high end dining table with off the shelf tools and construction.

He builds a template so he can easily make the table legs out of steel rods which he welds together with an inexpensive welder from Forney.

His both of these approaches are fascinating to me probably could be combined to great affect. If the table Ben made weren’t a commission piece the template for the legs should have been designed and cut on his X-Carve and so that anyone would make the legs with a combination of digital fabrication and traditional.

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